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Following the death of a child from rabies in Maji ya Chai ward of northern Tanzania in 2015 Mission Rabies partnered with local charity Mbwa wa Africa to conduct a mass canine vaccination campaign in January 2016.


  • Five teams vaccinated over 3,900 dogs in Maji ya Chai ward and neighbouring Usa River ward over two weeks.
  • As well as holding static vaccination points the teams heroically walked between 10 to 20Km a day, often through fields, to reach every house in the dispersed rural area.
  • Alongside our vaccination work we ran an education programme in local schools and communities.
  • The importance of our work was emphasised through our team confirming 3 dog rabies cases whilst we were there. Over the next few years we will continue vaccinating here so that we can make this region rabies free.
  • We were lucky enough to have members of our permanent Malawian team help us in Tanzania, providing help and support. The project was truly international with people from over 5 different countries participating in the very first Mission Rabies campaign in Tanzania.

In 2016, we vaccinated 3,924 dogs achieving a 70% coverage!


  • Building on the success of the 2016 campain, we expanded our vaccination campaign to cover an additional ward, Songoro.
  • 8 teams worked extremely hard during the 2 week vacination campaign, with our local team volunteering to do an extra days work so we could complete the areas.
  • All of this hard work was rewarded with the final totals showing 4,575 dogs vaccinated achieving a 75% coverage!


For the 3rd year our teams went to Tanzania again to run a vaccination drive.

  • In January 2018 international volunteers joined us once again on our campaign, targeting over 70% vaccination coverage in Maji ya Chai, Usa River and Songoro wards. They were successful and vaccinated 4,789 dogs in just two weeks.

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Our partner charity
Mbwa wa Africa

Mbwa Wa Africa

Founded by Sandra Kliegelhoefer with the support her husband, Jens Fissenebert in 2013, Mbwa wa Africa is a non-profit organisation based in Usa River, Tanzania. They are a registered charity in Scotland with the registration No. SC 045521.

After realizing the growing demand to care for dogs in their community, Sandra and Jens established Mbwa Wa Africa, a no-kill animal rescue shelter that focused on caring for animals and finding them adoptive homes. Further demand by residents of the region led them to also establish a boarding kennel to care for animals while their owners were away.

In 2015 the project was extended by rabies vaccination campaigns, spay / neuter clinics and the first animal welfare class was held at a local primary school.


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